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Shorts (BBBS-012)
Fabric: Twill Details: Shorts Color: White PCS: 1 Gender: Boys
PKR 1,490
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Winter season has almost begun in our country. Cold winds are blowing across the country and the warm clothes that were kept in cupboards have come out. As the weather begins to change, almost all parents pay special attention to their children’s clothing. They try to buy clothes for the kids that will protect them from the effects of the weather as well as reflect their personality. In cold weather, the kids should wear warm clothes, but they should not be so hot that they start sweating. Soft and warm clothes are suitable for a kid's skin, because in cold weather, their skin becomes even more softer.

In such cases, parents also have to worry about where to buy such kids winter clothes. In view of this problem, Minnie Minors has introduced its kids winter collection in the market. Minnie Minors’ kids winter wear collection includes clothing from both Eastern and Western traditions.

Eastern/Western Style Kids Winter Wear

If you want to get your kid oriental style clothing including shalwar kameez, frocks, kurta pajamas or western style clothing including jeans trousers, sweatshirts and t-shirts, these are all available at Minnie Minors online stores.

Shopping for kids winter dresses surely keeps all your worries away as you are going to take care of their health and fashion simultaneously. When buying winter dresses for your kids, it is advised to shop for kids wear that can keep them warm during the cold season.

Kids Winter Wear Collection – Minnie Minors

As we all know, women choose the best clothes because of their desire to look unique. In the same way, they want their kids to look unique on different events. With that in mind, Minnie Minors has launched a kids winter collection that includes both Eastern and Western style kids clothing. The Minnie Minors’ kids winter wear collection is not only the best to look at, but they also use fabrics that are comfortable and do not make the kid feel heavy wearing it.

Minnie Minor’s trendy kids winter wear collection creates a stylish statement while also increasing your kid’s outlook. We know how challenging it is for parents to keep up with what’s going on in the fashion world when it comes to online shopping for their kids. Therefore, we have launched our kids winter collection that will help parents to buy from for their kids.

Kids Winter Collection for Boys

Minnie Minors’ kids winter wear collection for boys include trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, casual shirts, jackets, upper, hoodies, pajamas, track suits, reversible jackets, sweaters, waistcoats, kurtas, high necks and coats. Minnie Minors’ kids winter wear collection for boys has all what you need for your son. So what are you waiting for? Get your boy a new winter dress of his choice from Minnie Minor’s online store.

Kids Winter Collection for Girls

Minnie Minors’ kids winter wear collection for girls include eastern style digital kurtis, jump suits, frocks, pajamas, long jhons, hoods, high necks, dungaree, basic t-shirts, woolen caps, gloves, bodysuits for toddlers, infant boots, leggings, tunics and reversible jackets. Stylize your girl with our new kids winter collection for girls.

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